Carbon Fibre Bows

I make my Carbon Fibre Bows with the same care and attention that I dedicate to the wooden ones. The difference is in the stick material, so in frequencies and response, both mechanical and tonal, but in the possibility of modifying the characteristics of the material too, which is not possible to do with wood. The Carbon Fibre Bows has a very clean sound without the classic rustling of Wooden ones so they provide an excellent performance in the hall.

The construction method is exactly the same developed by Master Claudio Righetti, who invented the Carbon Bows in 1989, after extensive research and experimentation.

Many years of making experience, the contact and the continuous monitoring of the needs of musicians, allowed us to set some parameters and create some different models: for each instrument  Bow we realize the Lamy model, the Peccatte and the Sartory.

Lamy model

The first born in the Carbon Bows family, it presents a very thin and therefore very elastic  flexible and agile stick. This is possible because of the specific weight of carbon, higher than the wooden one. So we act on the mass, reducing the bow section, to stay in the standard weight of 60-61 grams.

The Peccatte model

After various experiments to decrease the density of the material used in the Lamy model, we have introduced an additive in the resin that at the temperature of 60-70 degrees expands, producing  gas bubbles inside the stick which emulate the porosity of the wood. The Bow that results is slightly thicker, mighty, with a full, powerful sound both as volume and as strength, more similar to a wooden Bow and therefore with a slightly slower Spiccato compared to Lamy model.

The Sartory model

Third model born from the evolution of the previous ones, it presents different material density and a new curvature which allow to place it between the two previous models as regards the characteristics of sound and agility of use.